What I ate today from my Morrisons vegan food box

NOTE: I am not sponsored by any of the products I mention in this post.

If you watched my recent unboxing and review of the new Morrisons vegan food box, you will know that I received a number of items that I wouldn't normally buy, such as the vegan mince from the Meatless Farm Co. I'm not generally a fan of mock meats, I prefer to use legumes as my staple protein source, but hey... I want to expand my horizons!

So, today, I cooked up a storm in the kitchen, using some of the items from my food box, and some that I already had in my fridge!

Here's what I used from my food box:

Baby new potatoes

Baby peppers




Gala apple

Pure sunflower vegan spread

Alpro almond milk

Meatless Farm Co. vegan mince

Morrisons vegan savoury stock pot

For lunch, I mixed some items from my food box with some things I already had: I made a delicious potato salad, including (clue's in the name), boiled baby potatoes, one baby pepper, one gala apple, a big handful of spinach, some dandilion leaves from my garden (yes, you can eat dandilions!), one pickled beet, some dried basil, all mixed together with a BIG dollop of Hellman's vegan mayo

Unbelievably tasty!!!

Then... I made this amazingly comforting vegan cottage pie!!! Again, I used some items from my food box, mixed with some of my own things.... Check this out, guys!

It came out amazingly well, and I'm no master chef, so if I can make this, so can you! You will need:

For the mashed potato topping:

Boiled baby potatoes

A little bit of Pure sunflower spread and a dash of Alpro almond milk

A little salt and pepper to taste

For the filling - just cook 'em all together in a pan!

One onion

Three baby peppers

One large carrot

Meatless Farm Co. vegan mince

One vegan stock pot

Two cups boiling water

Black pepper and any spices of your choice to taste - I added loads of smoked paprika!

Spinach - add this when the rest are nearly done

Put your filling in an oven proof dish, let it cool a little before spreading your mashed potato on the top. Then add heaps of grated vegan cheese of your choice. Morrisons sent me Violife in my food box, but I didn't use that for this recipe. Instead I used the Applewood smoked vegan cheese from Asda.

It only needs 10 - 15 minutes in an oven, 180C for fan assisted.

And it is divine!

I'm going back for seconds :-)

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