Raspberry Vanilla Vegan Sponge Cake

This delicious vegan cake recipe was dedicated by Jane. Check out her other vegan creations here:

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400g self raising flour

240g golden caster sugar [you can use regular caster sugar but this works better]

2tsp baking powder (M&S is especially good!)

400ml soy milk (or any other plant based milks)

30ml cider vinegar

160ml oil [i use rapeseed but sunflower would be good]

2tbsp vanilla bean extract

1tbsp freeze dried raspberries


set oven to 180C

mix soy milk and cider vinegar - leave for about 5 mins

grease 2 x 8inch [20cm] cake tins

sieve flour and baking powder into a large mixing bowl

add caster sugar & freeze dried raspberries. Mix until combined

add sunflower oil & vanilla extract & the soy milk

cider vinegar combo

into the dry mix - stir until just combined

divide mixture evenly into the two tins.

pop in oven for approx 20 mins, may need a little longer

depending on your oven.

leave to cool

for decorating…


75g vegan marg

75g vegan shortening [trex]

1tbsp vanilla bean extract

500g icing sugar

plant milk

combine the fat with the extract - then gradually add icing sugar

until spreadable texture [if too thick loosen with plant milk - a little at a time]

I sandwich together with raspberry jam and buttercream

for this cake I used freeze dried raspberries which are

tart and counter balance the sweet and vegan raspberry meringues

by The Lovely Apron, which worked really well - available online

you can also make your own

Flamingo optional too

NB This cake freezes well

I would probably do this before you decorate it

wrap in greaseproof for protection

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