Current Doctoral Supervision 

I am currently supervising several doctoral theses, topics include: equanimity and compassion; VR and aggression; school bullying; and post traumatic growth. 

I am an external supervisor for a PhD at the University of Worcester on rape myths.


I am also an external supervisor on a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool in collaboration with Survivors West Yorkshire. This project is investigating post traumatic growth in adult male survivors of child sexual abuse.  

I am available to take on further doctoral students and will consider research collaborations on a case by case basis. Contact me to discuss your ideas. 

Current Research Interests


Including, though not exclusive to: 

(a) Attributions, attitudes, social psychology 

     Victim blame

     Attitudes towards male rape and CSA

     Sexuality issues, e.g. homophobia, transphobia

(b) Criminological Psychology

      Family violence

      Sexual violence, particularly male survivors

      Honour-based violence

      Fear of crime

(c)  Effects of Traumatic Events

      Post-traumatic growth

      Effects of crime on victims

Currently working on: 

Further to the research being conducted with doctoral students, I am also involved in several other projects. These include a collaboration with Dr Roxanne Khan, director of HARM at UCLan and international collaborators; sibling violence, with colleagues at UCLan and Birmingham City University; with Bolton colleagues, Dr Gill Allen and Dr Julie Prescott and the Bolton Solidarity and Community Association,, data collection is underway on experiences of FGM.  In addition, I am currently working on a series of review papers on aspects of male survivorship. 

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